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Reminding yourself that you’re awesome.


Every so often you probably feel:

  • Stressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Worried
  • Pressured
  • Exhausted 
  • Burned Out


I could go on and on. It happens to all of us. but how do you deal with it?

We all have different ways. Some of us vent. Some of us cry. Some of us may ever just power through and deal with it like a boss. 

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I have been on a kick lately on constantly trying to better myself. And when I feel any of those emotions…or even just need to mentally check in with myself, I pull out this handy little journal.

I found this little gem, Zen As F*ck, through an amazing colleague of mine and this has been my saving grace after a longggg day. 


Zen as F*ck

This journal is perfect for those who are new to mindfulness (like me) and enjoy a humorous way to go about it. While also reminding you that you are a #BOSS.


Breathe in Strength

The book starts out with the below image, reminding you that today IS your day. Remembering that you own the day and may not be able to control some of the things that happen in the day…but you can control how you REACT to those things. 

It’s YOUR day. Own it! Rock it! 

Your Day

There are amazing exercises in the book, such as:

  • Writing a list of what shit things happened to you today and telling that list to f*ck off
  • Listing what makes you #amazing
  • Writing about your “YAS QUEEN”
  • Reminding you to tell those you love that you…well, love them

And many more positive self affirmations.

I’m telling you…this journal is fantabulous. I do one page every week. Unless I’m having a shit day and need me a little pick me up.

Today, for example…I was reminded to “swim my own way” and I colored a narwhal. Hell yeah.


If you need an awesome journal to help you with adding some zen in your life, you totally want to check this one out. 

Purchase it here: Zen as F*ck

Friendly tip: I recommend getting colored pens if you don’t already have some. I started with a fine point marker but realized that it unfortunately bled through. 

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Self Care Journal

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