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Week 3 & 4: Fitness Kickstart Challenge


Life has been a bit busy as of late so I am combining Weeks 3 & 4 of my fitness boot camp!

Week 3

This will be more of an overall review since I quite frankly don’t remember the breakdown of the workouts from Week 3!

Week 3 was pretty good in terms of not feeling like I was going to die. 

I continued to drink more protein drink and fell in love with my new fave protein drink (for real this time – it’s better and CHEAPER than the ones I mentioned in the Week 2 post!)

I still struggle to get enough protein in, which is a challenge. But I am trying!

Pull Ups

So one movement we learned about during Week 3 is called Kipping. With this movement, you swing with your shoulders to build up some momentum in order to make doing a pull up easier (versus a “strict” pull up.)

Now, if you recall…I can barely move my feet off of the ground let alone do a legit pull up. So the kipping movement was an interesting one.

In the actual workout, we were to try to do a strict toes to bar. Again, I could barely pull my body an inch let alone get my toes anywhere NEAR the bar. 

It was very frustrating as my body would still naturally swing even when I didn’t want it to. 

Thankfully, in between the 10 “toes to bar”, we had mule kicks, and a run. So thankfully the entire workout wasn’t bar work!

I ended the day with a pretty nasty blister on my hand, which ripped open later that week.


On Friday of Week 3, we learned a very odd movement in the strength/skill portion of class: the Turkish Get Up.

There are five very precise movements that need to be done in a specific order…then you do the same movements in reverse to get back down.

Mind you, you are supposed to do this with a weight or Kettlebell.

My coordination is pretty damn bad…so I couldn’t do a successful TGU. Thankfully, no one else in the class really could either. Phew.

Week 4

Workout 9: Monday, 5/6

On Monday, our strength/skill movement was with an actual bar (no weights – thank gosh.) I had to go with the lightest bar, a 15 pounder. No shame in my weakness game, though…that’s why I’m doing this!

The WOD itself was 8 rounds as follows:

250 meter row

10 Kettlebell Swings

30 seconds of rest 

We were going for time. I think I completed the workout at like 18 minutes? Andddd was straight up exhausted afterward.

Note: My rest days aren’t nearly as interesting (funny) as they were in Week 1…so I am not writing about them anymore.

Workout 10: Wednesday, 5/8

In the strength/skill portion of the class, we learned how to do the strict press and the push press. Again, same as Monday in that we were doing these movements with no weights on the bar. HOWEVER, I actually did alright at this! Woot!

This workout was the first time we did a Partner session!

The WOD was as follows:

30 Kettlebell deadlifts

30 box over burpees

30 Ring Row Push-ups

We were able to divide the workout however we wanted. My partner and I opted to keep it fair and split it in half (EX: I did 15 KB deadlifts, then my partner did 15…same with the box over burpees and ring row push-ups.)

The only catch is that only one person can be working out at a time. This gives the other person a rest…which was actually awesome.

Communication is key during a partner WOD and I had to switch it up mid burpees and advise I could only do 10 at a time…and asked if we could do 10 each, then finish with the last 5 each. This worked out well and honestly, I really enjoyed this workout!

That’s it for this week.

As I am heading out to PA after work on Friday, I won’t be able to attend this Friday’s class. I was going to attend tonight’s Unloaded class (which is the next level up)…but by the time I got out of work, traffic was backed up SOLID because of the rain. 

Yes, rain. Everyone in Columbus seems to panic when there is rain. I still find it odd.

Overall Thoughts For Weeks 3 & 4

I definitely still haven’t lost the few pounds that I have gained but I am okay with this. I am starting to feel stronger and know that the scale just shows a number and doesn’t breakdown of water weight, fat and muscle.

So with that being said, 2 more weeks to go!

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