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Week 1: Fitness Kickstart Challenge


Basically, I need to get my ass in shape after being sedentary for a number of years and what better time but the present?

I began my six week Fitness Challenge at a local Crossfit gym with an orientation, which I wrote about here: Skinny Doesn’t Mean Healthy.

I was pretty shocked and disappointed to see that I have 27.5% of body fat.

Week 1

Workout 1: Monday, 4/15

I went in ready and able and looked in disbelief as folks in the previous class were putting away HUGE weights like it was nothing.

We went over to our trainer, AJ, and he had us start with a quick brisk walk. Then he taught us some breathing techniques.

Followed by instruction on how to do an air squat. This was literally just TEACHING us how to correctly squat, yet after doing what felt like 50 air squats…my legs felt like giving out. We then did some practice lunges. About 30 minutes in, we were told what our workout would be and him and his assistant provided some more instruction.

I honestly thought the workout was going to be easy for there being no experience necessary for the boot camp.

Well, we ended up doing a “Chipper” workout.

500m row. 40 air squats. 30 sit ups. 20 push ups. 10 box step ups.

I did some research and it seems as if this workout is a “baseline” for Crossfitters. 

I felt good for the row. The rest, not so much. I barely made it through the squats and definitely lost my form toward the last 5-10. The sit ups were okay. Push ups…eh. I had to hardcore modify and needed to use a 30 inch box because I couldn’t even handle the knee push ups. Everyone else had to use it, too, so that made me feel a little less terrible about myself. I had to do the 10 box step ups on a smaller box because my legs were such jello.

One important thing to note was that I had so much encouragement from Chloe, who was helping the trainer. I literally stopped her as I was putting my mat away to thank her. She helped keep me going.

Overall, my time was 12:36. I am pretty sure that is terrible…but hey, I made it through!

On the way to my car, my legs were not in good shape. They wobbled like a Weeble. However, Weeble’s wobble but they don’t fall down. 

I did…and fell down and scraped my knee. 

Actual footage of me after the workout:


And now, I sit here on my couch. Barely able to move at all, even though I need to walk to the kitchen table to get my work PC to finish up some things. I literally. Cannot. Move.

Update: Later in the evening, I had to have my fiance carry my hips to help me get upstairs. It was pretty bad. We laughed all the way, though. He will never let me live this down, I just know it…

Rest Day: Tuesday, 4/16 

I was very disappointed that despite how exhausted I was, I didn’t sleep more than 5 hours last night. “Darn,” I thought. I was hoping this would be a magic fix…but like everything else I’ve tried for sleep over the past 10 years, I can’t catch a break in that department.

I must note that I also had to go into work much earlier than usual, as well, which is like torture for folks like me with Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (I wrote about this here: Chronicles of an Insomniac) Here’s another good post from a DSPD sufferer.

Nevertheless, I struggled with movement all day. My legs were angry. VERY angry.

I literally almost stumbled down the stairs and had much laughter surrounding me by coworkers. 

I mean…it was pretty funny, though.

I came home and plopped on the couch. Took a nice epsom salt bath and relaxed.

Workout 2: Wednesday, 4/17

The rest of the class was in pretty much the same shape. One gentlemen broke his toe after falling downstairs because his legs just gave out. 🙁

All of our legs were still very sore and most of us were just thankful we could walk.

Thankfully, the focus this day was arms. Now, I have ZERO arm strength. I’m talking none whatsoever.

We used the pull-up bars and all any of us could really do is hang. I couldn’t even do that for more than a few seconds. But I gave it my all. And my hands were in mighty pain from it yet I made it through.

In the actual workout, we were doing “AMRAP.” I learned that this stands for “As Many Reps As Possible.”

I struggled with the push up piece and the lunges but pushed on.

I went home and much better than Day 1.

Rest Day: Thursday, 4/18

Thankfully, I was able to walk much better on Thursday. I made myself try going up and down the stairs on our floors a couple times at work in order to get some movement in (though I certainly took the elevator the rest of the day, haha.)

I came home and made myself a delicious chicken breast meal with some Birds Eye Superfood blend veggies and rice

One thing I’m trying to do is to eat more protein while I begin this fitness journey, as I have learned that I don’t eat nearly enough on a day-to-day basis.

So I also bought a bunch of different protein shakes to try out and have been polling some fitness buffs to see what they do for protein.

Note: I know some folks say not to drink your calories but I’m not currently as worried about this since I also seem to be struggling to intake my recommended 1700 calories per day. With these workouts, my body needs more fuel. 

I do think is important for fitness newbies like me to remember is that you may gain weight at first. I hopped on the scale for the first time this week on Thursday evening and saw I was 3 pounds heavier than before I started the boot camp. This is normal as your body is retaining water from the small micro-tears that occur when you first start exercising after being sedentary AF for a while. 

Workout 3: Friday, 4/19

Ahh, Friday. I was happy that it was Friday in more ways than one! It has been a long week so the last thing I needed to do was to get through my final workout of the week!

This workout was called an “EMOM” meaning “Every Minute On The Minute.”

It consisted of planks, jump squats, L-Sits, and “Scap” Pull-Ups.

The planks were not super difficult for me but lordy…those jump squats were a bit brutal. My legs are terribly sore again. Though not quite as bad as they were on Monday night…

I thought I was doing “okay” at the L-Sits (we all had to do a modified version) but AJ, the trainer, advised my arms hyper-extend because of my flexibility and that I need to try to keep my arm straighter.

I had no idea I was hyper-extending so will have to be cognizant of this, which may be tough since that’s just how my arms go!

The scapula pull-ups were mainly difficult because I, again, have zero arm strength and I am not used to gripping the pull-up bar. 

Nevertheless, my whole group made it through the workout and I’m super pumped that Week 1 is COMPLETE.

Overall Thoughts This Week

Our trainer is great and very motivating. So far, I am feeling good and trying to be aware of what I’m putting into my body. While I’m not going full health food mode, I am trying to incorporate small changes so that they hopefully stick.

That being said, I tried not to eat much junk food this week as I will be celebrating my best friend’s birthday tomorrow (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STACE!

Sunday is also Easter, so I will be enjoying a delicious home cooked meal at my aunt’s.

This goes back to the “consistency” tip that I learned and talked about in my post from Sunday.

And with that, I hope to enjoy my weekend and recover so that I can hopefully kick some ass next week!

Do you have any tips that you would recommend for someone just starting out? Please let me know in the comments! 🙂


  • Kim

    05.04.2019 at 5:44 pm

    Wow, your first work out week sounds intense! One of my friends took me to Boot Camp once and I actually thought I was relatively fit until that class. 😂 Wishing you luck for week 2. x

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