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The results are in: Kickstart Fitness Challenge


So I am a little late on getting this up as I ended up being sick all of last week and was basically a sloth whose tree was a couch filled with cats.

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Nevertheless, here it is! I completed my 6 week fitness Kickstart Challenge the last week of May! Woot woot!

While I ended up missing the *final* class on May 24th due to being in Wisconsin, I was able to get my second InBody scan beforehand to see if I truly made any progress.

In my post regarding class orientation, I called out the fact that my body fat percentage was on the higher end of average and my skeletal muscle mass was relatively low when compared to body fat.

I made it my goal to hopefully change those numbers up a little bit by the end of the 6 weeks.

I’ll have #wins for $1000, Alex…

So if you take a look-see at my results from when I started the challenge mid-April, you’ll see I was 27.5% fat and 131 pounds.

Body Composition

But by the end of May, I dropped 3.7% in fat. However, I did gain just about two pounds, which I’ll talk about in a moment.

2nd Body Composition scan

But what about the gains, bro?

Alright, so another piece of that weight gain was something I was seriously hoping for: MUSCLE.

As I mentioned, I gained roughly two pounds during the program despite eating much cleaner than I have in the past and also greatly increasing my protein intake. 

Now bumping up protein was harder than expected. Chicken is my BFF but I still supplement with protein drinks.

My FAVE protein drink (yes, this is an affiliate link!) so far is Organic Valley’s Vanilla “Organic Fuel” Shake

This protein shake is packed with 26g of protein and legit tastes like a McDonald’s milkshake. I actually took one of these to my grandmother who is in a nursing home, as she struggles to eat enough and always LOVED Mickey D’s vanilla shakes. She loved it!

Note: Another one I found on Amazon is Orgain’s Clean Protein (Chocolate version) that is much more cost effective but does not taste nearly as delicious as Organic Fuel’s Vanilla shake.


I had to keep reminding myself that even though the scale was going up…I was eating better and there was no way that this was fat gain. However, seeing those numbers go up on the scale? Honestly, this was a little bit disheartening. But I knew I had to keep on keeping on and that I was making progress. 

I could feel it when I was lifting a rubber weight plate in the last two weeks that originally felt super heavy during the beginning of the kickstart challenge.

If you remember, back then…my “body shape” was a C. 

The InBody website describes a C as follows:

“A C-shaped individual has a shorter bar length for SMM than for weight and Body Fat Mass. Although this is characteristic of someone who is overweight or obese, you may see this shape in someone who is normal or underweight, too.” 

The key differentiation between the other shapes is that you have a low muscle mass and a high body fat percentage.

Muscle Fat Analysis

While a C is the “worst” shape out of the three they characterize.

As Drake says….started from the bottom, now we’re here.

Lo and behold, I gained about 4 pounds of muscle! On top of losing 3.7% fat. WINNING! While the shape is still a C, I am closing the gap. 

Muscle Fat 2nd time

Hard work and determination pay off. I remember the first week of class…when I could barely walk after Day 1 (seriously, read that post if you didn’t. Kind of hilarious because Nick had to basically hold my hips as I walked upstairs that night.) I knew it was going to be tough but was sure I’d end up better off after the 6 weeks were over.

After all was said and done, I want to continue this journey. I signed up for a membership and will start with “Unloaded” classes, which are pretty much beginner Crossfit without the heavy weights and crazy barbell movements. 

Unfortunately, I got sick right after the trip to Wisconsin and was unable to attend class this past week. I am feeling MUCH better this week, however, and gave myself a few more days to fully recuperate. I plan on going to class later this week and will continue to continue my fitness journey! 

Challenge completed.


  • Kim

    06.23.2019 at 6:49 am

    That’s an incredible achievement! I’ve enjoyed watching your fitness journey these past weeks, and it’s made me think about my own fitness level. I’m fairly certain I’d be a “C” type as well. I eat fairly healthily but don’t do enough pyshical activity.

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