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One Bracelet, hundreds of designs. Meet the Tago Arc.


LIBER8 Technology gifted me the Tago Arc bracelet so I could review it. Read about how this bracelet is a definite must-have for fashionistas who like to change styles on the daily.

Tago Arc

Smart. What do you think of when you hear that word? Nowadays, anything with the word “smart” in it usually has something to do with technology. Most of these things make life easier and more convenient, which is why “smart” items are so very popular.

Now we are starting to see more smart items pop up in the market, such as smart jewelry, and this is as exciting as ever.

I had the chance to try out the Tago Arc smart bracelet and see what this accessory was all about. 

What Makes This Bracelet So Special?

The Tago Arc uses e-ink technology to allow the user to change the design of their bracelet instantly via an Apple or Android smartphone. The Tago App has pre-designed images to load to your bracelet but you can also simply snap an image of your own and upload it to your Tago Arc!

The bracelet is actually made of medical grade stainless steel, so it is pretty darned durable and scratch resistant. I tested this first hand by placing it in my suitcase during a recent trip and it survived just fine! Woot!

You only have to give it a one hour charge roughly every 500 design changes, which is an extreme bonus. 

Unboxing the Tago Arc

When I took the Tago Arc out of its packaging, I noticed that this was a very sleek bracelet with silver edges (there are other color choices, as well) and it is more of a “bangle” type of bracelet.

There were instructions included on how to use the bracelet and if that were not enough, the actual bracelet pretty much gave away what to do next by having text that read “Get Tago App” with a QR code.

I downloaded the Tago App and put the bracelet on the charger and was ready to test this bad boy out!

First Glance Tago Arc

Once I had it connected to a power outlet, the bracelet turned white. This let me know that is was “awake” and was ready to go.

Loading My First Design

I was slightly curious on how well this technology would actually work when I was unboxing it. I learned that the Tago Arc uses Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) like many other smart wearable devices.

I took a scroll through the starter kit to see what design I wanted to first try. There are SO many designs to pick from. And there are other collections, too. Talk about choice overload. But in a good way.

I eventually decided on an image I wanted to start with and anxiously awaited the magic to happen. Both my fiancé and I were curious on how long the image would take to load. Would it just automatically switch over or would it slowly materialize?

Watch and see what happened:


I was impressed and decided that I wanted to test try out the functionality where you upload your own photo to the bracelet.

Bentley looked like he wanted his face on my bracelet. So I made it so.

I snapped a quick photo of my handsome boy and then it appeared in my “Created” space on the app. Then, I cropped the image to where I wanted it to appear on the bracelet and uploaded it. Voila! 

Bentley image

Once the image uploaded, the bracelet transposed to the bracelet.

See exhibit A: Bentley after I told him he was famous. He was not enthralled.

Wearing It While Out and About

I’m the type of gal who doesn’t spend a whole lot of money on jewelry.

In my other recent posts, you’ve probably noticed that I am starting to enjoy having just a couple of pieces of jewelry to wear these days, after getting engaged last year.

This smart bracelet fits in perfectly with my small but mighty jewelry collection. While it is “one” bracelet, you can have thousands of designs to suit your outfit or mood. Talk about awesome! 

At work, I showed some coworkers (most who are also tech nerds like me) who were intrigued with the concept. I also showed some friends on a recent trip to Nebraska and did a live demo by taking a picture of some scenery in a local bar and uploading it to my bracelet.

The only disappointing thing was that I got a medium sized bracelet, as I measured my wrist and that was the size that was supposed to fit. The medium feels kind of loose and slides up my arm easily and I now wish I would’ve gotten a small instead. I am trying to remain positive in that when I am typing on my computer…since it slides up my arm, it doesn’t get in the way of doing things on the interwebz. So it isn’t “that” bad that it is larger than I would have anticipated.

But…the million dollar question.

Is it worth it? (Cue Missy Elliot…) 

This bracelet comes with a price tag of $299 for the silver version. The gold and black versions are slightly higher in price. 

Now…I know. That’s a good chunk of change for a bracelet. But hear me out. This bracelet is designed for those who are fashion forward and are really into jewelry.

Or those like me, who don’t want to spend a lot of money on jewelry just to clutter up my shelves with 20 different bracelets. The Tago Arc is right on par with that type of minimalistic lifestyle.

Overall, if you are someone who buys jewelry on the regular and loves new  and/or trendy styles…the Tago Arc is for you. If you’re not, I’m not going to lie to you…it probably isn’t worth it.

All of this being said, I was pleasantly surprised with this bracelet and will be adding it to my small mix of accessories!

Check out the Tago Arc here and read more about LIBER8 Technology!

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Tago Arc


  • Kim

    10.30.2019 at 5:47 pm

    Oh wow! This is such an ingenious idea for a bracelet. I like how you can put any design on to it and I’d probably change it to suit my mood or a certain holiday.

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