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If You Can’t Curl Your Own Hair, This Curling Iron Is For You!


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Okay, I am someone who you might call “completely inept” at using a curling iron.

When I tried to use one over the years, I would just end up with misshapen and lopsided curls. As a woman in her late 20’s, I felt pretty ridiculous. And believe me, I’ve tried them all. I’m talking the original clamp irons, the curling wands that come with one mysterious glove, and even those crazy auto curlers that suck your hair into a tiny mystical “curl chamber” and cause you to scream in pain if you mess up.

I have had some success with the curling wand but it took far too long to use and I would just end up burning myself when using it.

Now if we are talking about straightening irons, I have those locked down. I know, I know. They are pretty much dummy proof but a win is a win, right?

The Love of The Curl

The problem is that I absolutely love my hair when it is curly or wavy. Every time I get my hair done, I am always so happy when I leave with beautiful curly hair. I feel so feminine and just seem to have more of a pep in my step when feeling the soft bounce of my curls.

However, straight hair has been my tried and true hairstyle ever since I can remember. I had only hoped that someday I would find a curling iron that I could master to create truly effortless curls.

And…cue the Beachwaver!


In Depth Research

Naturally I was very skeptical when I first heard of the Beachwaver. I found it after a late night googling spree. Coming in between $129 and $199, depending on the model you select, this little tool seemed like the Cadillac of curling irons. I researched it for quite some time. By quite some time, I mean well over a year. I wanted to be absolutely sure that this one would be “the one.”

So I watched video after video and really thought it looked so easy that even I, inept-at-curling-Tiffany, could do it. 

I studied the different model options and learned that the Beachwaver has an S Series and a Pro Line.

Hello, Beachwaver Pro!

I waited for Black Friday and lo and behold, Ulta had a special! It was go time! I have pretty long hair, so I ended up purchasing the Beachwaver Pro.

Note: If you have shorter hair, you can safely opt for one of the S Series models!

There are also different barrel sizes available in each line which allows you to obtain the style you would like to achieve. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls. I went for the 1” Pro model, as opposed to the 1.25” Pro.

I opened the box and studied the instructions, which were conveniently located on the outside of the box. These instructions make it almost foolproof to create amazing beach waves or curls.

I recommend using hair clips to section your hair. This will make it far easier to curl each section. The crocodile type clips are my favorite and work really well for long hair!

So you may be asking…just how easy is it to use the Beachwaver Pro, Tiffany?

Quite easy, actually! After looking at the instructions and deciding if you want more of a wave or a curl, follow these simple steps!

Step by Step Guide

1.  Clip your hair into different sections. I need to use about 4-5 clips due to the thickness and length of my hair.

Sectioned Hair

Recommendation: Use a heat protectant spray prior to curling (or straightening) your hair. The high temperatures can damage your hair. I use Atmos-Shield by Orlando Pita Play and absolutely love it!

2.  Choose to start curling either on your Left or Right side and press the associated button on the curling iron. You will also want to choose a heat setting. I opt for 410 degrees, as my hair is pretty thick.

(The Left/Right feature is actually one of my favorite things about this curling iron! No worrying about curling in the opposite direction, as this tool will do it for you! Woot woot!)

Beachwaver and clips

3.  Take an approximately a 1” piece of hair and insert this section into the clamp.

4.  Click the Go button until the entire piece of hair is wrapped around the iron.

Curling iron

5.  Release after a few seconds to reveal a beautiful wave/curl!

6.  Repeat until all sections of hair on that side are wavy/curled.

7.  Start curling the other side by selecting the appropriate button (Left or Right) and repeat the same process until all of your hair is curled!

8.  Enjoy some beautiful, luscious curls!

Curly Hair

I like my curls brushed out a little bit (as seen below) but I know some people prefer to leave as is and set with some hairspray.

It’s your hair, do what feels best for you!

Blue Background
Seriously, it is that easy!

The first time I used the Beachwaver, it took me about 25 minutes to curl my hair. I ran downstairs to tell my fiance because I was just that excited that I actually curled my own hair. Me!! The girl who couldn’t curl her hair to save her life! And in under half an hour, at that!

Can I get a hallelujah?!

My humble opinion is that the Beachwaver is truly one of the easiest curling irons to use out there. For well over 10 years, I have struggled to curl my hair and this beauty tool allows me to create effortless curls in no time! Even if you are not a curl-inept gal like I was pre-Beachwaver, you will absolutely love how simple this curling iron is to use.

You can purchase the Beachwaver here:

Beachwaver Pro 1″ Curling Iron

Beachwaver Pro 1.25″ Curling Iron

Beachwaver S1 Curling Iron

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  • Kim

    04.13.2019 at 4:53 pm

    This sounds so easy! I’ve always struggled curling my hair, either they never stay in or they just look like a mess. Great product review lovely.

    1. Tiffany N

      04.14.2019 at 11:26 pm

      Thank you, Kim!
      It really is that easy, Kim! I am SO happy I found it! 🙂

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