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Bellabeat Smart Jewelry Review


Mindfulness. We hear this word often yet it is something that is sometimes difficult to achieve in the busy whirlwind that is our life. How do we “force” ourselves to focus and be mindful of the present moment when it is something that we wonder why it doesn’t come naturally? With all of the new tech options now available, I decided to try a piece of smart jewelry called the Bellabeat Leaf, as it promises to “sync with your body and mind.”

Bellabeat can be work clipped to your shirt, pants, as a bracelet, or as a necklace. It monitors sleep, your menstrual cycle (by inputting date), your water intake (by inputting data), and your activity levels. It also has numerous meditation sessions to use. I had been going back and forth on purchasing this little device for about a year before I actually did on a late night googling adventure.

I am naturally a stressed person by nature. Stress helps me perform better as I, like many, perform better under pressure. However, I do realize certain forms of stress are hard on the body. Since I also suffer from chronic insomnia, a bad night’s sleep can make a normal day much more stressful. So I thought trying out Bellabeat’s Leaf feature to track sleep and see how that relates to stress may be snazzy.

Note: Feel free to skip to the overall review at the end of the post if you don’t want the nitty gritty details!

I got my Leaf in the mail probably about 4 days after I ordered it, which was pretty quick. I tore the box open, excited to try it out. The app and pairing was very intuitive and within 5 minutes, I was hooked up. The Leaf is pretty fashionable and people are not the wiser that this is actually smart jewelry with a purpose. 

Activity Tracking 

It also buzzed at me multiple times throughout the day when I had been inactive. You can set what time span you want it to buzz at. The nifty part about this is you can set periods where you don’t want to be alerted of inactivity which is very helpful if you have a desk job and aren’t able to leave your desk. On the flip side, if you need that reminder that you haven’t been moving…this is a friendly reminder to get up and take a minute for a quick stroll.

Activity tracker

Water and Period Tracking

There are also a few manual tracking tools within the app. To log water, you simply click on the water icon and notate how much water you drank throughout the day.

Bellabeat’s period tracking tool is also straight-forward. You enter the day of your last period and what your cycle length and period length is. Your Bellabeat smart jewelry will then show days that you are fertile, if you select this option. There is also a button to click if you are pregnant. Being I’m on birth control due to endocrine issues and don’t have a natural cycle, this is of no use to me…so I did not use this feature.


This feature was definitely my favorite feature on the Bellabeat Leaf. You can set a meditation goal in the app and then do in-app guided meditations or just general meditations. They are very relaxing and I felt they were very well done. Every time I did one, I felt very calm and serene. My favorite part about this feature is that there is real time feedback based on your stillness and calmness. You can feel it, sure, but it is nice to “see” that you are calmer.

This is done by showing waves on the screen. You can see that at the beginning of the below meditation, the waves were strong. However, by the end of the meditation I was calm and relaxed.


Meditation Tips 2
Meditation Tips 1


Ah, sleep. To me, this is something I struggle with on the daily. I wanted to put Bellabeat to the test on this. As a side note, I did research after purchasing this product and saw some not so favorable reviews on the site regarding sleep tracking. But I wanted to put this to the test myself.

Bellabeat Sleep

The idea of just being able to clip the Bellabeat Leaf to my nightshirt and not worry about it was exciting. I tried the Jawbone Up years ago when I was going to a sleep specialist years ago to show my sleep patterns to the doctor and while it was very accurate, I was bothered by having something around my wrist all night.

I was pleasantly surprised by the alarm feature that lightly vibrates to wake you up. Unfortunately, I was already up by the time it vibrated but I still think that feature is nice to have. The downside is waking up when in a deep sleep and jolted by the alarm feel groggy. This is a timed alarm unlike other sleep trackers which will determine a window to wake you up when you are in a lighter phase of sleep.

Where Sleep Tracking Fell Short…

I tried the sleep feature, night after night, to no avail. Unfortunately, the Leaf could not determine when I was up versus when I was actually sleeping. I had to manually change the times I went to bed each day and I know I did not fall asleep at exactly those times.

I even shook the Leaf in the middle of the wake multiple times each night to tell it, “HEY…I’M AWAKE.” However, it still registered me as sleeping during those times.

To an insomniac trying to get a true gauge on sleep patterns, this was a bit frustrating.

That takes me to the final piece of the Bellabeat review:

Stress Tracking

The stress tracker takes all of the above measurements and gives you a percentage. This percentage is supposed to tell you how resistant to stress you are based on your sleep from the night before, your activity, meditations, etc.

Overall BellaBeat Leaf Review:

The Bellabeat Leaf is a cool piece of smart jewelry but it falls short in regard to sleep tracking and real time stress detection. For an activity tracker and reminders to get out of your chair, it works great!

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